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Relationship Workshops: Connected Couples, Stay Strong


Connected Couples, Stay Strong

Share a glass of wine with your partner in a relaxing atmosphere while learning how to maintain a close and loving connection amidst the distractions of expat life.

Explore ways to nurture your relationship by communicating in a way that allows each of you to feel understood. Join us in this workshop that will talk about:

  • The ingredients for healthy, intimate relationships; 
  • The use of an effective dialogue will be introduced 
  • How to achieve communication intimacy
  • Strategies to safeguard your relationship from disillusionment and dissatisfaction;
  • Learning to give appreciations to your partner (using the communication structure of dialogue)


After providing the information and the tools needed, you will be able to connect with your partner more.

Affairs Don’t Just Happen 

Based on the latest book of the same title, this workshop will talk about how to safeguard your marriage from “exits” and infidelities. Discover how we may be unconsciously  attracting an affair into our lives. What are the signs to watch out for to prevent an affair. Understand the needs that fuel an affair and find out how to creatively introduce this into your relationship. Recovering trust and intimacy is an option for all thru the 8 C’s : centered, curious, connected, care, calendar, communicate, cherish and commit. Create your caring maps to help you regain closeness.