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Parenting Workshops: Connected Parents, Thriving Kids

Positive Discipline for Young Children (2 – 6 years) 

Parenting can be a challenge. As soon as parents master the baby stage, a young child develops and new challenges arise. Designed for parents of children aged 2 to 6 years old, this workshop will cover: 

  • Understanding positive discipline
  • Effective strategies for parenting young children
  • Techniques for raising emotionally balanced children
  • Alternatives to constantly saying “No” to children
  • Help your children respond to requests in a timely manner


Worries, Fears, Anxieties in Children & Teens

This workshop will assist in understanding how excessive worries and fears can affect the self esteem in children which will prevent them from experiencing many things in their growing years. The issues surrounding anxiety will also be explored to identify the thinking errors that fuel the anxious patterns. Highly effective Strategies such as self talk, thought scheduling, thought distractions  will be discussed to provide a framework that will build confidence in handling worries, fears and anxieties.

Connected Parent, Thriving Kids

This course is designed to guide parents and caregivers toward a clearer understanding of the potential impact of their behaviours, how they are influenced by their own childhood experiences,  how to stop the legacy of wounding and self-defeating patterns, while developing and strengthening the skills that will facilitate them to be the parents they want to be. Attendees will engage in exercises, both written and verbal, role-play, question and answers, and have many opportunities to practice the dialogue process as it fits into the Imago Parenting Model.

Understanding Life Transitions

This workshop aims to explore the various thoughts and issues during the most interesting stage of midlife (35-55 years old). Through brief lectures, exercises and reflection, a deeper self- understanding of the adult stage is a goal to achieve. At the end of the workshop, the participant will have: 

  • Created more meaning of their current life structures
  • Mapped out new directions of personal goals for the future
  • Recommitted to the choices that have already been made. 
  • Insights towards interpersonal relationships may also be obtained

Positive Discipline for School-Aged Children (6 – 12 years)

Parenting today’s school age children has become more of a challenge than before and parents can feel at a loss on how to guide their children. This workshop will start with an assessment of your parenting style and an idea of your child’s personality. The participant will gain specific, practical parenting skills in the area of encouragement, communication, problem-solving skills and discipline relevant for school age children that they can practice, use and try out at home. A developmental approach to discipline will be the focus. 

Raising Happy and Optimistic Children

Optimists enjoy better health, increased longevity, experience less stress, and achieve more in life. This workshop will cover the importance of optimism; ways to encourage your children to lead more optimistic lives; and practical strategies on raising happy & optimistic children

Positive Discipline for Teenagers

Adolescence is often a time of great stress and turmoil-not only for the kids going through it, but for the parents as well. This workshop will help you to learn positive parenting tips; find out how to encourage your teen and yourself; grow to understand how your teen still needs you, but in different ways; and learn how to use follow-through.

Raising Happy and Optimistic Children

Optimists enjoy better health, increased longevity, experience less stress, and achieve more in life. This workshop will cover the importance of optimism; ways to encourage your children to lead more optimistic lives; and practical strategies on raising happy & optimistic children

Understanding the Angry Child 

Do you have an angry child at home? How do you handle them because they constantly hold an angry and negative perspective on anything and everyone. You are unsure on how to encourage because they reject everything offered to them. Minor irritations can suddenly lead to melt downs to rage episodes. What is important to know about anger? How to manage, diffuse and prevent anger to preserve a healthy parent child relationship and to build confidence in your child will be discussed. Whether anger stems from insecurity, personality, temperament, the sooner one can regulate it the better to avoid disappointments and the pain it could bring. 

A New School Year: Is My Child Settling In?

Starting a new school year presents distinct challenges for our children, especially during critical developmental years. This workshop will cover: building self-esteem; handling parent-child power struggles with daily school routine and homework without ruining the positive home atmosphere; making friends, handling peer pressure, and bullying; encouraging the uninvolved child; and coping with school related fears and anxieties

Relationship Workshops: Connected Couples, Stay Strong

Connected Couples, Stay Strong

Share a glass of wine with your partner in a relaxing atmosphere while learning how to maintain a close and loving connection amidst the distractions of expat life.

Explore ways to nurture your relationship by communicating in a way that allows each of you to feel understood. Join us in this workshop that will talk about:

  • The ingredients for healthy, intimate relationships; 
  • The use of an effective dialogue will be introduced 
  • How to achieve communication intimacy
  • Strategies to safeguard your relationship from disillusionment and dissatisfaction;
  • Learning to give appreciations to your partner (using the communication structure of dialogue)


After providing the information and the tools needed, you will be able to connect with your partner more.

Affairs Don’t Just Happen 

Based on the latest book of the same title, this workshop will talk about how to safeguard your marriage from “exits” and infidelities. Discover how we may be unconsciously  attracting an affair into our lives. What are the signs to watch out for to prevent an affair. Understand the needs that fuel an affair and find out how to creatively introduce this into your relationship. Recovering trust and intimacy is an option for all thru the 8 C’s : centered, curious, connected, care, calendar, communicate, cherish and commit. Create your caring maps to help you regain closeness. 

Educational Aides Professional Development Workshops

How to Work Effectively With Your Domestic Helper:  A Guide for Employers

Domestic helpers take care of our children and our homes. Clear, respectful communication and good boundaries are key to maintaining a harmonious and effective household. We will address the impact of cultural differences in training and childcare and how to set guidelines that ensure that our expectations are met. Domestic helpers can be a source of assistance or a source of stress. We want to maximize cooperation in an atmosphere of respect and follow through.

Educational Aides Professional Development Workshop

A workshop to build confidence in caregivers (teacher aides, bus monitors, school staff, and maintenance crew) to better understand how to effectively handle children and adolescents.  The goals of the workshop are as follows:

  • To increase the understanding of children’s behaviour and feelings as well as misbehaviour
  • To learn how to encourage children so they will want to cooperate
  • To communicate effectively with children and adolescents so they will feel understood
  • To be empowered to implement rules and discipline
  • To be able to handle a difficult child with confidence


The participant will develop skills that they can use in creating an environment of cooperation and mutual respect to achieve a positive response from the children/adolescents that they encounter on a daily basis.

Can My Helper Handle My Children? A Workshop for Domestic Helpers, Nannies, and Other Child Caretakers

There are many benefits in being an expatriate family living in Asia, such as the availability of domestic helpers to assist us with childcare. This workshop will explore with the domestic helper various issues in understanding and caring for children in the most effective way that will support and assist one’s employer in creating a positive home environment. Some guidelines on healthy boundaries will be discussed. This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding children’s behavior and misbehavior
  • Encouraging children and communicating effectively
  • Knowing how to support rules that your employer has set
  • Being effective with a difficult child
  • Knowing age appropriate fun play activities