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Affairs Don’t Just Happen

Affairs are now all too commonplace.

They can invade a marriage at any time, at any stage of life, for a whole range of reasons.

And they always catch us by surprise.

Or so it seems. 

Affairs don’t just happen.

There are warning signs to watch out for.

There are underlying needs to be aware of and understood.

There are affirming, caring and loving ways to live out.

So does this mean that couples can safeguard their marriage against infidelity?


This book will guide you to:

  • PROTECT your relationship from the neglect, dissatisfaction and ineffective communication that make it vulnerable to an affair
  • REPAIR your marriage after the emotional and psychological chaos of an affair 
  • RECOVER the trust, love and valuing of one another as the foundation for a renewed relationship

Available in Manila & Singapore

Lissy is a Singapore-based Counseling Psychologist in private practice at the International Counselling and Psychology Centre. Her first book entitled “Affairs Don’t Just Happen, Protect, Repair, Recover” is inspired by 24 years of experience in the region working with couples facing challenges while wanting a strong, secure, loving, and committed relationship. 

In writing the book, Lissy hopes to provide her readers with a deeper understanding about relationships, marriages and affairs. The awareness will help them establish and maintain a fulfilling marriage that can withstand the threats of an affair. This is possible if couples protect their marriage, repair it when it starts to feel distant and disconnected, and recover it from the ravages of an affair, if one has taken place.

She sees the book working towards creating an awareness amongst women and men on how to build, strengthen, and maintain a healthy, loving, connected, committed marriage. It does this through exploring the complexities of an affair and providing the reader with ingredients, strategies and tools to stay away from it.

In her first book, Lissy offers an invaluable tool for those who are in a healthy marriage and want to keep it that way; as well as for those who are fighting for their marriage that is risk of an affair. It also offers information on how couples can survive an affair and in fact recover from it by creating a new, recommitted relationship.