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Transition Workshop



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A New School Year: Is My Child Settling In?

Starting a new school year presents distinct challenges for our children, especially during critical developmental years. This workshop will cover: building self-esteem; handling parent-child power struggles with daily school routine and homework without ruining the positive home atmosphere; making friends, handling peer pressure, and bullying; encouraging the uninvolved child; and coping with school related fears and anxieties

Understanding Life Transitions

This workshop aims to explore the various thoughts and issues during the most interesting stage of midlife (35-55 years old). Through brief lectures, exercises and reflection, a deeper self- understanding of the adult stage is a goal to achieve. At the end of the workshop, the participant will have: 

  • Created more meaning of their current life structures
  • Mapped out new directions of personal goals for the future
  • Recommitted to the choices that have already been made. 

Insights towards interpersonal relationships may also be obtained.